In Your Share (Oct. 8th edition)

You can download the Recipe Packet for this week’s share HERE. There are tips & recipes for the shellie beans, a new tomatillo salsa recipe, and more creative ideas for tomatoes.

This week your share may include…

Shellie Beans: These are on their way to becoming a dry bean, and the beans are full size, but the pods have not dried down yet. They cook faster than a dry bean and have a creamy texture and great flavor. Shell them and simmer until they’re fully tender. One of my favorite, embarrassingly simple dinners, is a bowl of cooked shellie’s topped with olive oil, fresh herbs, salt & pepper.
Carrots: Nice big fat sweet carrots!
Cilantro: Our long run of cilantro has come to an end. I think this will be out last picking so if you haven’t made enough salsa, now’s your chance!
Garlic: We brought up this season’s garlic harvest last month and finished drying it in the barn. The yields look good so far, thought we have quite a bit of processing & sizing still left to do. The seed for the variety in your share this week originally came from our friends at Persephone Farm. The true variety name is long since lost, so we just call it Persephone in honor of them.
Napa Cabbage: These beautiful heads make great fresh slaw, stir fry or kimchi.
Onions: We have beautiful red onions for you this week. This variety, aptly named Cabernet for their deep red color, were supposed to be storage onions for the winter, but at some point prior to harvest they got damaged. Since they won’t last in storage, we are giving them out now. Just cut off any damaged parts, and use them straight away!
Peppers: This week we’ve picked the green bell peppers again hoping that with one more week the colored bells will begin to ripen. There are also nice & spicy Jalapeno peppers in the share too.
Potatoes: Nice thin skinned red potatoes this week.
Tomatillos: This will probably be the last picking of these for the season. Check the recipe packet for another variation on the salsa verde theme.
Tomatoes: The bountiful tomato harvest continues… there are loads of Heirloom & Slicing tomatoes this week.

Coming soon… Sweet Gypsy Peppers – at least they better be!!