Our summer CSA comes with a chef!

Katherine DeumlingOne of the things people love about our CSA is eating in tune with the seasons. We meticulously research varietals that thrive in our climate, and plant and harvest them when they want to be planted and harvested. We work for nature, not the other way around!

That gives each pickup a wonderful sense of discovery, but that’s only half the fun: then you get to eat what you bring home!

That’s why every 47th Avenue Farm share comes with members-only access to Cook With What You Have, an amazing online resource curated by local chef and food activist Katherine Deumling that’s packed with great recipes – and even better, specifically tuned to what’s in your CSA pickup each week.

Give it a try yourself, for free. Katherine’s unlocked two easy recipes featuring cauliflower and green garlic, two (of many) veggies our shareholders can look forward to among the first pickups.
Give them a try!

Yum. Katherine says, “I’ve been collaborating with Laura for seven years, and I love how farms like hers bring so much beautiful, nutritious and delicious food to our tables. And knowing what to do with that fresh produce is a big part of a healthy and vibrant community and planet. You don’t need fancy tools or ingredients to nourish yourself and your loved ones everyday.”

Shareholders tell me they’ve gone for stretches where they just choose a veggie from our share, pull up her site, and just randomly pick any recipe she’s got for it. They’ve never been disappointed. It’s like having a personal CSA chef consultant!

I’d like to share it with you. Our pioneering Summer Veggie CSA – with two pickups in SE Portland and Lake Oswego’s Luscher Farm – starts today, on May 15th. Join us!