Cook with What You Have – Classes

Need new ideas for cooking all that winter squash? Parsnips? Leeks? Katherine Deumling of Cook With What You Have is offering a special cooking class for CSA members. Expand your cooking techniques and think about our beautiful winter veggies in new ways. The class is hands-on and we’ll make four different dishes and talk about a dozen variations of these. We’ll also talk about pantry/kitchen stocking so that you’re prepared to cook a wide variety of things on any given night. Green curry with winter squash, veggie fritters, . . . !

She is offering a special CSA class called – Winter Weeknight Dinners – Saturday, February 27th 3-6pm. Classes are small and interactive and include hands on participation and demonstration. A full meal is served and copies of recipes and additional materials are included. Classes are appropriate for a range of experience levels. Class is $70 per student. Classes are held at 2233 SE Main, Street in inner SE Portland. There are only five spots available to sign up right away if you’re interested. To register or for more info:

Katherine Deumling