Crop Planning!

The past few months the crew has been diligently crafting each and every crop plan for the 2012 season from Arugula to Zucchini, and we do this in a very methodical fashion! After reviewing the Shareholder Survey and notes for each crop’s performance from the prior season, we decide whether or not to change the plan, be it when or how much we plant, or whether or not to grow the same or different varieties. Then we begin searching for our varieties to grow.

When deciding which vegetable varieties to use, we look for varieties that have a great flavor, attractive appearance, high yields, short days to maturity, and for crops we store, a long storage life. We also order our seeds from a few select seed companies, striving to order seed that is both local and organically grown when possible.

After we get all our plans in order, we compile everything and make a HUGE seed order! Our first seedings are planned for February first and things are shaping up to be a delicious and productive season!