Draft Horse Farming Workshop Oct 7-9th

We are thrilled that Doc Hammill is making his annual fall pilgramage to Oregon to teach another Driving & Farming with Horses in Harness Workshop. The workshop will be held at Ruby and Amber’s Organic Oasis – the horse-powered farm of Kris Woolhouse & Walt Bernard. For info & registration, contact Doc at: 406-250-8252 or workshops@dochammill.com

The workshop will focus on gentle/natural horsemanship, safety, and the basics of harnessing, hitching and driving; rhythmic pressure/release driving techniques will be a key component of all our hands-on work. The use of horse-drawn farm equipment and doing real work with horses on the farm will be an important focus as the workshop progresses. We will be driving single horses and teams of two. Larger hitches such as 3 and 4 abreast may be included if there is interest, and hitching a demonstration 4 up is a possibility. This will be Doc’s seventh workshop at the farm. It is a fantastic place for workshops with great horses and equipment, opportunities to work horses both in fields and inside hoop houses, and a chance to study an amazing organic horse-farming operation.