Thinking local with a vintage twist

When ReadyMade Magazine asked five artists “to reimagine the populist poster art of the first Great Depression,” artist Christopher Silas Neal chose a topic near and dear to our hearts: eating local. A riff on the Victory Garden program from the ’40s, his poster uses the design sensibility of the era to talk about what our priorities should be today.

He writes:

Solving the world’s energy and food problems would do a great deal to strengthen the global economy, prevent disease, and reverse the effects of climate change. The original Victory Garden program was designed to ease pressure on the public agricultural supply and support the war effort by encouraging families to grow their own food. I wanted to expand this idea to the broader concept of buying and eating local food.

You can download a PDF version of the poster, for free, here. While the other posters in the series aren’t specifically food-related (there are other aspects to life, I suppose), they’re also worth a look. I especially love the bike-themed one.