Farm NewsLetter 07/24/06

Week of July 24th, 2006

Food Day
Michel Pollen
Metro meeting
Irrigation in full swing

Work parties are the first Sat. of every month and the next one is…
The Big Potato Dig: Aug. 5th, 1-5pm,Luscher Farm

The Weather: Hot!
Thank you everyone for all your help!

Your share this week may include:

Arugula Despite the hot weather these have stayed tender and not too spicy. Use them in salad or lightly sautéed.
Beets Beautiful Big Red ones! Don’t forget to use the greens too- like their cousin chard, they can substitute in almost any recipe for cooked spinach.
Cauliflower We’ve washed these once, but there may still be a few aphids deep in the heads. We recommend you give them another washing once you break up the heads into separate florettes.
Chard Beautiful rainbow colors.
Dill Use it sparingly in salad, or chopped up in dip.
Lettuce Heads An incredible red romaine appropriately named “Outredgeous”
Mustard Greens A bit on the spicy side they add a real zing! to salads, but mellow considerably when cooked.
Parsley This tasty flat leaf Italian variety will be a staple throughout the summer.
Onions The tops are starting to fall, but these are still very fresh! Use them quickly or store in the fridge.
Summer Squash All different shapes and sizes. Steam the little ones whole, or chop them up and sauté.
Tomatoes!! First of the season, these little Stupice tomatoes from the greenhouse are super tasty

Coming Soon… Potatoes and Cucumbers!

Green Pizza
Shareholder Sandra Steiner

ß Chop 6-8 leaves of chard, collards or other greens and one sweet onion. Drizzle with oil and either sauté to wilt or microwave for 2 minutes on high to remove a lot of the moisture.
ß I use either pesto or ranch dressing ( I have a recipe for homemade if you want) for the base
ß Pizza dough: 1cup warm water, two Tblsp yeast, 1 tsp salt, 3 Tblsp olive oil, and wheat or white flour mixed in until no longer sticky- knead two minutes, rest it 15 minutes and roll it out.
ß Put the wilted greens on top, then we like Italian sausage, mushrooms, and lots of good mozzarella, maybe some smoked gouda, and fresh grated Romano.
ß Bake at 425 degrees in preheated oven for about 15 minutes.

I am having great success with my kids eating greens by making this recipe!