Farm Share for the Week of Dec. 15th, 2008

This week your share may include…

Broccoli: The whole thing is edible on these – stem, leaves and baby heads too.

Brussel Sprouts: These “Oliver” sprouts are a great early winter crop. Even if you’ve never been a fan of sprouts, give these a try. Once they’ve been through a few frosts, the sweetness shines. Also, do not over cook these – just boil or steam until al dente!

Carrots: This is shaping up to be a really rockin’ winter carrot crop. Finished harvesting “Nelson” fall carrots at Zenger, for the last pickup and this week “Bolero” is in the share. So sweet!

Chard: Rainbow chard looks beautiful, but this will probably be the last of it until spring. 

Garlic: The seed came from our friends at Sweetwell Farm in Scio. Beautiful purple wrappers and nice mild flavor. 

Kale: A mix of Red Russian and White Russian.

Kohlrabi: This is not your ordinary little kohlrabi – this is GIANT KOHLRABI!! We tried 2 varieties this fall “Superschmeltz” & “Kossack.” Both are very sweet & tasty – peel the outer layer then eat raw or roasted. I think it tastes broccoli, but in a sweet, crunchy jicama-like root crop. 

Onions: Our favorite yellow storage onion Copra is a stalwart performer through the winter. Couldn’t get the frozen leeks out of the ground, but they’ll probably be back in the share when things thaw in January. When I’m not sure what to make for dinner I just start chopping any alliums I have on hand, toss them with some olive oil, begin to saute and await inspiration! 

Potatoes: Red Sangre