Farm Share for the Week of Dec. 1st, 2008

This week your share may include…

Collard Greens: This is the first year we’ve grown this particular variety called Bulldog. So far it seems great – big productive plants, nice dark green leaves, and most important – tasty! Hopefully it will continue to look this good through the winter. 

Carrots: This is shaping up to be a really rockin’ winter carrot crop. We’re still harvesting “Nelson” fall carrots at Zenger, and we’ve barely made a dent in the varieties (Bolero & Napoli) that we planted specifically for the winter. Plan on bigger than usual bunches for the next few months!

Fennel: This one wasn’t my favorite vegetable in the beginning, but I have come to love it. My two favorite ways to do fennel are completely on opposite ends of the culinary spectrum 1) Grated raw with citrus in salad 2) Poached in stock and finished with cream and a sprinkling of parmesan. Such a versatile vegetable!

Garlic: The seed came from our friends at Sweetwell Farm in Scio. Beautiful purple wrappers and nice mild flavor. 

Onions: Our favorite yellow storage onion Copra is a stalwart performer through the winter. We’ll probably alternate with leeks so you always have some alliums on hand. When I’m not sure what to make for dinner I just start chopping any alliums I have on hand, toss them with some olive oil, begin to saute and await inspiration! 

Potatoes: French Fingerling “La Ratte” were fabulous with onions & fennel in the gallettes I made for lunch today. 

Rosemary: Many of the herbs start to look a bit rough around the edges this time of year, but not this stalwart performer. Roasted potatoes & garlic with rosemary – some of the best comfort food of the season.

Squash: Kabocha and/or Buttercup are the varieties this week. Cube and steam, roast or mash. Yum!

Turnips: I usually think of the salad turnips – Hakuri & it’s red cousin – as fall crops, but these have continued to size up and still look great. They have a very mild flavor and are perfect just eaten raw.