Farming on OPB Today 9am

Think Out Loud has two segments on farming today. Comment on the blog now about why you think farmland should be protected!!

9:06am – A Bigger Urban Growth Boundary: I think this piece should be renamed “More Sprawl in Washington County.” Paving farmland is obviously bad for farmers & regional food security, but it is also a waste of money. ¬†There is only so much funding for infrastructure to go around. Does it really make sense for taxpayers to subsidize roads & sewers in new developments when we have failing infrastructure throughout our communities inside the UGB?

9:20am – Gravel Mine on Grand Island: After searching for farmland for several years, we bought 40 acres on Grand Island. It is some of the best farmland in the vWillamette Valley and like Sauvie Island it has a long history of u-pick and farmstands. It is truly the agricultural gem of Yamhill County. All that will change if Baker Rock has it’s way. Call in or comment in support of Crops not Rocks!!