First Summer CSA Share!!

Welcome to the first Summer CSA Pickup of the 2018 season!! The spring planting season has been almost perfect this year giving us a nice mix of sunshine and rainy days. We always try and keep the farm pantry full, so in addition to spring planted veggies in your share you will also see some overwintering crops like cauliflower and garlic, and storage crops like potatoes and beans. This makes for a diverse and bountiful basket throughout the year!

I think it is interesting this time of year to consider how the types of spring crops you’ll see in your share is dictated by the trajectory of the growing plant. The seed germinates driving the primary root down into the soil. Then the cotyledon emerges stretching for the sky. After it sheds its seed coat, the true leaves emerge. Next, come secondary roots and above ground the stem elongates and more leaves are produced. For this reason, traditional spring veggies are often roots, shoots & leaves: microgreens, lettuce, herbs, radish, carrots, & beets are all variations on this same theme. Most plants need to produce a significant amount of vegetative growth before they are able to make flowers and fruits. This is why things like broccoli (flower buds) & tomatoes (technically a fruit) are usually harvested later in the season. Of course we turn this on it’s head by having a few things in storage, or growing on the farm over the winter, but in general that is a pretty simple synopsis of springtime food.

We still have a few spots available in the CSA so feel free to let your friends know they can still get in on the bounty with a prorated Summer CSA share share starting next week.

You’ll find recipes everything in your share, at Cook With What You Have. If you’re a CSA member, you will find your password in your most recent email. Enjoy 24/7 access to recipe inspiration!

This week your share may include…

  • Dry Beans: This Calypso variety is a variation on the black bean theme that has a white overlay. It is also sometimes called the Yin/Yang or Orca bean because of the distinctive color pattern. Use them in any recipe that calls for black beans.
  • Cauliflower: Beautiful, big heads! I’m excited about Cauliflower Steaks with Green Garlic Aioli. Or try this Cauliflower Pasta from one of our favorite local hangouts in Sellwood – Gino’s Restaurant.
  • Cooking Celery: The flavor has a slightly stronger flavor than celery from the store, but it really shines when the sugars start to caramelize. Try roasting or sautéing – then add to soup or au gratin or your favorite celery recipe.
  • Green Garlic: Lovely plump garlic stalks for you in the share today. Green garlic is planted alongside our storage garlic in the fall. It grows a vigorous root system through the winter, and pushes up its little green stalks in the spring. We harvest green garlic now – when the greens are tender and before it has much of a bulb.  Similar to leeks – the white part is most tender, but the green tops have good garlic flavor too. Enjoy these little beauties while they last!
  • Baby Lettuce: I’m loving these compact baby heads of red romaine!  Nice to have an early summer salad : )
  • Walla Walla Sweet Spring Onions: These are tender and tasty! We call them spring onions to differentiate them from storage onions. This time of year the spring onions have beautiful greens on them which can be used like just like a green onion.
  • Yellow Potato: These yellow Nicola potatoes are great roasted, steamed or boiled.
  • Radish Microgreens: These zesty little treats make a nice topping for soups, salad or sandwiches.

Coming soon… A Whole Summer Full of Yummy Veggies!