First Summer Share of the Season!! (May 19th edition)

DSCF0123We’re very excited about the first summer share!! This has been one of the best spring seasons in recent memory. Sugar snap peas are climbing up their trellis and just starting to flower. Garlic scapes are  poking out of their leaves and beginning to curl. And early tomatoes in the greenhouse are growing like gangbusters. I think it’s going to be a bountiful summer season!

I’m also pleased to announce we have something even better than a recipe packet for you this season! Check your email for the password to access the specially designated CSA site at Cook With What You Have. Katherine has taken all the recipe packets from past years and turned them into a fabulous searchable archive of tips, techniques and ideas. This will provide all of our members with 24 hour access to recipes and inspiration!

This week your share may include…

  • Arugula: Beautiful bunches of arugula make a great little salad or try them in this recipe with poached eggs.
  • Dry Beans: We have several different varieties for you to to choose from this time – just ask at pickup and we’ll tell you all about them.
  • Cherry Tomatoes: These are best eaten straight off the plant so we’re giving you just that – a nice healthy 4″ cherry tomato plant that you can put in your garden or in a pot on the deck. They are easy to grow – the hardest part will be choosing which kind you want  – Black Cherry, Sungold or Sweetie.
  • Green Garlic: The tender little stems that garlic forms prior to making a head are a treasured spring treat. Like baby leeks, the white tip is the most tender, but everything is edible and adds a nice garlic flavor to whatever you’re cooking.
  • Lettuce Heads: Sweet & tender, red & green heads of lettuce will make a nice spring salad!
  • Mustard Greens: These greens are SPICY when raw but turn mild and flavorful when lightly sautéed.
  • Onions: Copra is the variety and one of our favorite yellow onions
  • Pea and/or Fava Shoots: A lovely fresh addition to salads or add them at the last minute to pasta or eggs. 
  • Potato: Both red and yellow in the mix this week.
  • Turnip: These hakuri japanese salad turnips make a great snack when raw or roasted with a bit of garlic and olive oil.  You can sauté the greens as well.

Coming soon… first the greens, then the roots, then the buds, then the flowers and finally the fruit!