GMO Sugar Beets Update

Oops! They’re already planted so we can’t do anything about it? That was the argument from a federal judge on Tuesday. Last September, that same federal judge ruled that regulators improperly approved the GMO beets for market and required the USDA to do more environmental studies. So they’re not properly approved for market, yet over half the nations sugar supply will come from GMO beets this year? I think that’s crazy too, but that’s Monsanto for you. Read more at SF Examiner. Background on this issue is available at Organic Seed Alliance and Cooking Up a Story

Things you can do…

  • Don’t buy conventional beet sugar, and tell people why you’re boycotting it. 
  • Buy organic seeds from companies that supported this lawsuit. Frank Morton from Wild Garden Seeds has been a extraordinary advocate on this issue. Seeds of Change could have made a difference but it chose NOT to support the lawsuit. 
  • Write to the USDA and tell them you oppose the planting of GMO sugar beets until the required environmental studies are completed!