Gnocchi with Garlic Whistles and Green Garlic

From new shareholders Amy and Bob, a tasty, beautifully simple use of two veggies in this week’s share. A great idea for a quick weekday dinner. Thanks, guys!

Gnocchi with Mushroom sauté and Garlic Whistles and Green Garlic

  1. First, put a big pot of water on to boil as you start the mushroom sauté.
  2. Sauté your mushrooms in olive oil (as we like to do with a variety of shrooms for texture and taste), and then add chopped whistles and green garlic, sautéing them in to the mix.
  3. While you are sautéing, add gnocchi to the pot of boiling water (we get it fresh at Pastaworks on SE Hawthorne ~ mmmm!) and let the gnocchi rise to the top – that means they are ready! Skim them off with a slotted spoon, and add them to your mushroom sauté.
  4. Heat it all up for a moment, and add some freshly ground pepper and lemon peel – or any lemon pepper blend you have. Serve with freshly grated Pastaworks parmesan on the table.

OoooOOH WHEE ~ it’s YUMMY great! Bon appétit!