Govn’ts Relationship to Business?

Opinion pieces like this remind us what we’re up against. Please send more emails to your local County Commissioners & Metro reminding them our food comes from all over the region so we need their help to protect farmland in Washington County too! This article also brings home how important it is to support candidates like Rex Burkholder for Metro president because they share our vision for farmland protection and livability.

I liked the comments that SaveTheFarms wrote at the end of the article…
“Government’s Relationship to Business? Politician gets campaign contribution from speculator/developer. Politician decrees that land of speculator/developer shall be urban. Speculator/developer cashes in. Politician gets campaign contribution from speculator/developer . . . or maybe a job upon retirement. Farmland is the local politician’s land bank but he doesn’t have to make any deposits; he just makes withdrawals.”