Great work party!

What an amazing work party we had a Luscher Farm this weekend. Usually there are many different tasks, but this Saturday we had a single focus… ONION HARVEST!! It was time to get the onions out of the field and into the barn to dry. A few weeks up there with the fans running and they should be sufficiently dried down and ready to pack up for storage. It was a big job!!

Growing enough onions for all the shareholders to have 2-4 onions every week for most of the year translates into about 2/3rds of an acre planted. Of that, a quarter is harvested as spring onions and the rest- 4676 lbs of onions this year- were brought into the barn on Saturday. This will assure us a continuous supply of red, yellow and white onions through the summer, fall and into the winter season.

Thanks to everyone pitched in to help!