Grow Your Own!!

Getting impatient for the summer share to begin? While we frantically seed, pot, plant, weed, till, fertilize and irrigate in preparation for the summer’s bounty, comfort yourself with the thought of the cherry tomatoes you’ll soon be able to call your own. As per years past, during the first week of summer pick up you’ll be taking home at least one plant for your very own. All summer long you can snack on the tasty little guys right outside your own back door. We’ll have three delicious varieties for you to choose from: Sungold, a yellow fruity delight; Isis Candy, an orange cherry with red marbling;and Sweet Million, a yummy red cherry that grows in grape-like clusters.

Can’t get enough tomatoes? Then come talk to me! This season I’m putting the skills I learned last year to the test: I’m growing hundreds of tomato plants to sell for market. They are all open-pollinated varieties (you can save your own seed!) and are organically grown. I’ll have lots of different types of tomatoes to choose from: heirlooms, salad-types, paste tomatoes, and even more cherrys, in just about any color you can think of.

Interested? Feel free to contact me through this blog, or if you’d like, email me at

Let those dreams of tomatoes satisfy you during the wait!