Hoop House Update

This is what our hoop houses looked like after all the winter storms…

smashed by the snow

Smashed by the snow!

One whole house at Zenger Farm was completely destroyed. It has been replaced with heavier gauge metal posts and bows and is full of baby onions, broccoli, fennel, lettuce and lots more spring crops we’ll be putting in the field soon. We seem to be having “100 year” storms more frequently so hopefully this sturdier house will hold up. Thank you to everyone who helped put it back together especially Terry, Nathan, Kris, Jill & our farm crew! Miraculously, about half of the other hoop house was left standing. The parts are on order and we plan to have this one repaired in the next few weeks. 


Only half smashed.

At Luscher Farm, we have been using the Oregon Tilth hoop house and it also came crashing down. We finished helping them put it back up just last week and it looks pretty spiffy! We’ll be filling it up with baby plants soon.


Just like new.

Just like new.