Horse Farming Exchange

Last week I spent 3 whole days talking shop & visiting farms with some of the best horse farmers in the northwest! We’ve been doing this for almost 10 years, but I’m always surprised how much I learn and how inspired I am after these gatherings.

Thank you to Deborah & David Mader from Horsepower Organics in Halfway, OR who started this event. They were there this year too and their many years of experience always add wisdom and depth to the conversation. We all met up at Ruby & Amber’s Organic Oasis in Dorena, OR. Kris & Walt are always generous hosts, and this time we saw their horses working on a wide variety of equipment. They use their horses to cultivate vegetables, grain and hay. It was especially interesting to watch them work their horses in high tunnels and on a horsepower. They will be teaching a variety of draft horse workshops on their farm this summer. Info about those workshops is available here.

If you’re interested in farming with draft horses some great resources include… Small Farm Journal, Doc Hammill’s Workshops and Oregon Draft Horse Breeders Assn. If you are new to horses in general, I’d also recommend the Parelli program.

The Horse Drawn Auction & Swap Meet is April 13-16 in Madras Or this year. More info here. Hope to see you there!