In Your Share (April 13th edition)

This week your share may include…

  • Cabbage: I wasn’t sure these little beauties were going to make it through our freezing winter weather but happily they did! The heads are small and you may see the flower stalk pushing up as you cut them open, but they make a tender tasty spring salad. 
  • Collards: Leaves are getting smaller as the plants get ready to flower, but no matter what size, they still have that fabulous winter sweetness. 
  • Leeks: Bleu Solaise leeks are sturdy and gorgeous —  their leaves turn to dark purplish blue in the winter. They seemed oblivious through our miserable winter weather and they’re tolerating the warm spring rains as well. Use them as you would onions. 
  • Green Garlic: These little delicacies were planted last fall and were the smallest of our garlic seed. Small garlic seed = small garlic heads, which we’re not that excited about. But small garlic seed = fabulous early spring garlic! And that we are REALLY excited about. 
  • Kale: Beautiful, frilly, reds and purples and most importantly – tastes grrrreat!
  • Potatoes: These giant potatoes come from our friends at Mustard Seed Farms.
  • Raab: The tender flowering stems of a wide variety of kale
  • Rapini: Wow – everything’s coming up rapini! Two weeks ago there were hardly any, now all the plants are doing it. These thick but tender center stalks are from the brassica family. Use them roasted, sauteed or steamed.