In Your Share (April 14th edition)

DSCF0303 This week is the last Winter Share CSA pickup of the season. Thanks so much for joining us!! This last winter share is in fact the first share for our new crew. We’ve hired 3 more folks to help us out this summer – Heidi, Brindley & Marta.  They’ll join our year round crew – Jennie, Emily, Scott, Allison & Spencer – who planted, weeded and harvested all of your veggies this winter. Looking forward to a great Summer Season!

Another terrific Recipe Packet with ideas for beans & greens, Jimmy Nardello peppers and tips for popcorn!

This week your share may include…

  • Arugula: These bunches of arugula make a great little salad or  try them in this recipe with poached eggs.
  • Dry Beans: Originally selected in the Northeast and especially popular in Maine, the Kenearly Yellow variety is nice for baked beans and hardy winter soups.
  • Kale: Beautiful frilly maroon leaves of Red Ursa kale are lovely!
  • Leeks: This week we have Leige & Luxton leeks in the share.
  • Onions: Mostly Copra yellow onions this week.
  • Dried Sweet (NOT – HOT) Peppers: We experimented with drying a few Jimmy Nardello  peppers since they have a nice sweet flavor. I use them just like a dried tomato – especially good in pasta sauce or a fritatta.
  • Popcorn: Just put the whole ear in a paper bag in the microwave and zap it for 3 minutes and most of the kernels will pop off! DO NOT pop it for much longer than that or the ear will start to burn. The other way to do it is just take the kernels off the ear by hand – then you can use any method of popping you’d like.
  • Potato: I made hash browns last night for dinner with these Yukon Gold potatoes and they were so good!
  • Raab: Hip hip Hooray for raab! We will be picking lots of different variations on this theme for the next few weeks – this time the little heads are from green kale & collards.
  • Radish: A nice little zesty treat! You can sauté the greens as well.
  • Spinach: This is my favorite time of year for spinach – the leaves are large and tender and very tasty.

Coming soon… the last winter share! Have you signed up for summer?