In Your Share (April 15th)

This is the last and final winter share of the season. Hope you’ve enjoyed the glorious greens, sweet winter carrots, giant cauliflower and all the rest. Your membership is what makes the farm possible, so don’t forget to sign up for the SUMMER SHARE if you haven’t already!! We’ll look forward to seeing you in May…

The Recipe Packet has some great ideas for beans & greens, as well as all of the other veggies.

This week your share may include…

Arugula: Tasty little bunches will make a delightful spring salad!

Dry Beans: You can chose from either a red & white Berlotti type called King of the Early or a traditional black bean called Black Coco. There are instructions at the end of the recipe packet, but basically you can soak & cook these just as you would any other dry beans. That said, I think you’ll find them much more beautiful and flavorful than any other dry beans!

Beets: Our stalwart winter variety, Lutz aka Winterkeeper.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli: You’ll see a mix of early and late sprouting broccoli in the share. Some have more leaf and others are more elongated like a broccolini. Everything about it is tasty – steam or saute it all including leaves, tender stems and little broccoli buds.

Cauliflower: Our overwintering cauliflower is in full swing. This was planted last July and needs to go thorough the winter before it makes a head in the spring. It takes some patience, but the giant tender sweet heads are worth it!

Chard: Beautiful rainbow chard is such a versatile cooking green. I often use it to replace spinach in lasagna, spanikopita or other dishes. And I always have to include a link to My Grandmothers Chard Bisque.

Fava Greens: These are the leaves from the fava bean plant. They have a mild, but interesting flavor that reminds me of artichokes. They’re great in salads or can be lightly sauteed.

Leeks:  The leeks are beautiful and delicious.

Mizuna: What a happy surprise to see this was ready to harvest! So nice to have these tender spring greens in the share. They’re related to mustard greens, but much more mild. You can use them in salad or lightly saute them.

Potatoes: I never tire of these Yellow Finn potatoes. I recently made spanish tortillas with them – so simple and easy and good! There are many variations on the tortilla theme, but this recipe from Mark Bittman is one of my favorites.

Coming soon… Sign up for SUMMER SHARE and find out!