In Your Share (April 16th edition)

We still have a few SUMMER SHARES for sale!! You can sign up & get more info HERE.

This week is the last share of the winter season and what a season it has been! Despite snow, record rains & floods we had bountiful baskets of veggies all winter. We’ll miss the sweet carrots and great greens, but we’re looking forward to SUNSHINE and the summer share : )

You can download your Recipe Packet HERE.  These are written by my friend Katherine Deumling at Cook With What You Have. I’m definitely going to try one of the leek recipes from the packet when I make lunch for the farm crew this week!

This week your share may include…

  • Beets: A few weeks ago I was in Mt Vernon, WA to present at a workshop on winter farming. I made sure to tell everyone about these Winterkeeper beets!! They are easy to grow and maintain their quality through the winter better than any other variety we’ve ever grown.
  • Cauliflower: These are some of best cauliflower ever! We plant special varieties mid-summer, watch them grow slowly through the fall & winter, then marvel as they explode with perfect beautiful heads this time of year. This is one of my favorite Cauliflower pasta recipes from our friends at Gino’s Restaurant in Sellwood.
  • Chard: The chard is more tender than many greens and doesn’t always make it through the winter, but this year happily it did! With the longer days and a bit of sunshine it has started to regrow. The leaves are small, but come in a rainbow of beautiful colors. Try it in the Farçous from your recipe packet or make my grandmothers Chard Bisque.
  • Collards: The leaves are smaller this time of year as they start to grow again in the spring sunshine but they’re still sweet, tender and tasty.
  • Leeks: These King Richard leeks make a wonderful potato leek soup or just saute the tender stems with some greens – winter comfort food!
  • Parsley: Cute little bunches! Try this yummy Roasted Cauliflower with Lemons, Capers & Parsley Recipe from an article about the farm a few years ago in Mix Magazine.
  • Parsnips: If you’re a parsnip fan like I am you’ll enjoy this Love Song to a Parsnip. She recognizes that beyond the pallid & frumpy appearance is a lovely root vegetable with a complicated, intense and sophisticated flavor.  I found this recipe last week and really like it – it calls for green garlic, but the leeks would work perfectly! There are also some great parsnip recipes in your packet.
  • Purple Sprouting Broccoli: This has been coming on strong!!  In addition to the little head of broccoli all the leaves and stems on the plant are sweet and tasty so enjoy those too. Kelly Myers – shareholder & chef – sent this recipe for Quelite Blanco en huevo. Quelites are wild or foraged greens but the sprouting broccoli, collards or chard all work wonderfully with the eggs, spice and cilantro! 
  • Popcorn: We love this Early Pink variety and I heard very enthusiastic reviews from some shareholders when I saw them this weekend! If you have a microwave you can put the whole cob in a brown paper bag and microwave it 1 min at a time for up to 3min. Most of the kernals will be popped off at that point so pour it in a bowl with some butter and salt & yum! BE CAREFUL – more than 4 consecutive minutes in the microwave  can cause the cobs to catch on fire!! Otherwise, take the kernals off the cob and make perfect popcorn the old fashioned way. 1 cob makes about 2 cups when it is popped.

Coming soon… The Summer Share!