In Your Share (Aug 11th edition)

IMG_0997We have sweet corn in the share this week!! Many years ago we learned from our friends at Sauvie Island Organics how to successfully transplant sweet corn. Usually corn is seeded directly into the field, but here in the PNW that often means the seed rots in our cold, muddy, rainy spring weather. Uneven stands of corn = difficulty pollinating and low productivity = sad sweet corn, and not much of it.  Transplanting, still considered sacrilege by some naysayers, has consistently produced bigger, better, earlier sweet corn for us to enjoy – yum!

Hope you have had a chance to dig into the specially designated CSA site at Cook With What You Have. Katherine has some great ideas & recipes for all the good stuff in your share this week. Just look along the right hand column of her site and click on your favorite veggies to see all the recipes available.  Check your email for the password to access the site. Hope you’re enjoying your 24/7 access to recipe inspiration!

This week your share may include…

  • Arugula: Makes a great spicy salad.
  • Basil: Nice little bunches of Genovese basil – perfect for a quick caprese salad or small batch of pesto!
  • Corn: Hip HIP hooray for summer sweet corn!
  • Cucumbers: If you have extras – try my Mom’s Bread & Butter Quick Pickle recipe. It’s especially good with some sweet onions in the mix too!
  • Lettuce: Love these summer crisp lettuce heads, aka Batavian crisp – their beautiful whorled green leaves are sometimes streaked with red and  always stay tender and tasty – even in the peak of summer.
  • Sweet Onions: This is the classic Walla Walla style sweet onion- big, thick and juicy. Nice in salad or salsa or you could always make onions rings!
  • Potatoes: Thin skinned yellow Nicola potatoes – try them steamed or boiled.
  • Sumer Squash: The smaller ones are nice roasted whole, chop larger ones up and sautee them, or grate some and make fritters. There were a few larger ones in the share this week – perfect for zucchini bread.
  • Tomatoes: Both Stupice & Heirloom’s this week!

Coming soon…  Hot Peppers!