In Your Share (August 23rd edition)

This week your share may include… 

  • Basil: Time to make pesto!
  • Broccoli: More beautiful purple Violet Queen this week.
  • Carrots: This variety, Sugar Snax, has really lived up to it’s name.
  • Sweet Corn: It came in early and by doing multiple plantings we should have corn for quite a few weeks. The variety is Sugar Buns and it took a lot of TLC to make it happen – including transplanting corn which is unheard of – but it was definitely worth it. YUM!! See the recipe from shareholder David Culpepper below
  • Cucumbers: The green ones are mostly Diva – a tasty , productive and thin skinned variety. Also in the mix are several small yellow heirloom varieties including Lemon and Boothby’s Blonde.
  • Edamame: These soybean varieties, grown especially for fresh eating, came originally from Japan. They are gaining popularity here as an easy, tasty and healthy snack. Just pluck the pods from the vine, steam or boil them whole until the beans are tender (5-10min), and sprinkle with salt. They can be served hot or at room temp – just pop the beans of of the pods and enjoy!  
  • Onion: This Italian heirloom is from Calabria near the city of Tropea. It has a distinctive elongated shape, is very juicy and has a terrific sweet flavor. 
  • Raab: Although this variety is named Spring Raab, it grows well for us all through the season. The leaves, stems and tiny buds are all tasty and tender. It can be used raw and adds a bit of spicy zing to salads. It’s also great sauteed and tossed over pasta or used in a fritatta. 
  • Summer Squash: Great on the grill – slice patty pan varieties through the scalloped edge and smaller zucchini lengthwise, brush with a bit of olive oil, salt & pepper, and enjoy!
  • Tomatoes: They’re finally here!! This week is Stupice, but heirlooms will be coming soon.