In Your Share (Feb 1st edition)

IMG_2514The dry beans are here! These Black Coco’s are one of my favorite varieties. Use them in traditional Mexican fare or mix it up with something more elaborate like these Cuban Black Beans. Latin american cultures have cooked black beans for centuries. The beans are high in fiber, potassium, folate and have lots of phytonutrients. While I appreciate the health benefits – I love to eat them because they are so tasty! On a cold day there is nothing better than sitting down with a warm bowl of simple bean soup.

Amazing recipes for everything we grow on the farm are available to members at Cook With What You Have. If you joined our winter CSA you will find your password in the member email. Enjoy 24/7 access to recipe inspiration!

This week your share may include…

  • Beets: There are so many tasty things that can be made with these amazing winter beets! Check out the Farm Crew’s Favorites and try some new ideas & recipes.
  • Dried Black Beans: Traditional robust flavor, good for soup and  burritos or if you’re looking for something different try this salad with sweet potato. Keep an eye on the pot – because they are so fresh they may cook up a bit faster than you’re used to.
  • Coral Escarole or Rainbow Chard: This escarole what I have come to think of as a “gateway” chicory. Just barely bitter, it helps start those who have been resisting radicchio down the path towards more the hard core greens. But perhaps I’m already preaching to the converted! Try this easy Soup with Rice & Greens from Mark Bittman at the NY Times. The beautiful Rainbow Chard will work in this soup as well.
  • Dried Cayenne Peppers: These peppers are hot! Use one whole for a pot of soup or stew. Or a little chopping turns them into red pepper flakes, ready to be sprinkled on anything that needs a little kick added to it.
  • Leeks: I love leeks! So many people think of them as just for special recipes or special occasions. I’m an everyday leek user and I’d like to convert you as well. Anytime you’d use an onion, give leeks a try. Our CSA members can try one of my new favorites… Leek Bruchetta at Cook With What You Have
  • Amish Butter Popcorn: Real popcorn with real flavor! We were first introduced to this variety by Ayers Creek Farm. The seed is now available from Uprising Seed and it is surprisingly versatile – can also be ground into polenta, cornbread or made into masa. Pop it on the cob in the microwave (in a brown paper bag, max 3 min) or take the kernels off the cop and pop it any way you choose.
  • Rutabaga: With all the cold weather these have been really sweet so I’ve find myself eating at least some of them raw as crudités or sliced in salad. CSA members will find more than  a dozen tried & true rutabaga recipes at Cook With What You Have.
  • Winter Squash: Butternut

Coming soon… Beautiful Borlotti Beans!