In Your Share (Week of Feb 27th)

I can’t wait to make a spinach salad! We are happily on the other side of the persephone period. For several months in the winter the temperature and light levels are so low that very little plant growth happens. Once we start to have more than 10 hours of daylight (around Feb 5th here on the 45th parallel) all of our plants start to grow again. We’ve had almost a month of slow growth, but that was enough for plants in the high tunnel (where temps are a bit warmer than outside) to put on some new growth. Thanks to the longer days, you’ll be happy to see spinach & escarole in the share this week and purple sprouting broccoli coming soon!  Amazing recipes for all kinds of greens and everything else in your share are available to members at Cook With What You Have. If you joined our Winter CSA you will find your password in the member email. Enjoy 24/7 access to recipe inspiration!

This week your share may include…

    • Brussel Sprouts: These stalk are short, but the sprouts are still tasty and good. Roast them under the broiler or boil them up with some gnocchi & pesto in this One Pot Wonder.
    • Savoy Cabbage: Nice little heads. 
    • Carrots: What could be better than sweet winter carrots : )
    • Collard Greens: Got to love those winter greens!
    • Escarole: Tender enough for salad, but also makes a nice cooking green. Sauté and use as you would spinach.
    • Leeks: Lovely winter leeks. This is perfect weather for a potato leek soup or a leek galette.
    • Yellow Potatoes: Yum!
    • Spinach: So excited for salad!
    • Winter Sweet Squash: We’ve been looking quite awhile for a winter squash that is sweet and flavorful and stores into March. Of the varieties that fit that description, most are GIANT. We’ve tried growing those, but most folks don’t know what to do with a squash that is larger than their Thanksgiving turkey?! So we were quite happy when we heard about this variety from Johnny’s Seed.  You can’t always believe what they tell you in the catalog, but in this case it appears to be true. Great flavor, long storage and under 5 pounds. Think we will be growing more of this one next year! Try any of these recipes for roasted winter squash.

Coming soon… purple sprouting broccoli!