In Your Share (July 15th edition)

Everyone had a great time at the work party last weekend. A BIG THANK YOU to the folks who joined us for working, swimming and some great food afterward!  There are more photos on the Farm Facebook page if you want to check them out. We transplanted, weeded and seeded at the work party and we’re doing more of the same this week. In addition to providing lots of veggies to all of our shareholders and several restaurants, we also have donated almost 1000lbs of fresh produce to the food bank over the last 2 months!!

There are some more good ideas for salads & quick summer dishes in your recipe packet HERE.

This week your share may include…

  • Carrots: Sweet summer carrots.
  • Cilantro: Nice big bunches.
  • Fennel Bulbs: These  bulbs can be shaved raw to salads or make a nice roasted veggie medley with onions and potatoes.
  • Green Beans: Both green and yellow beans are crisp and tender with great flavor. Varieties are Provider and Carson.
  • Kohlrabi: There are some big bulbs, but they still have  a good sweet crunchy flavor and make a nice addition to salad or you can roast them. The varieties are purple Kohlribi and white Winner.
  • Lettuce: This week we have a new variety of leaf lettuce called Lovelock that is green with a pretty red blush. It is sweet and crunchy – perfect for summer salads.
  • Spring Onions: New variety this week – it’s an Italian heirloom called Red Tropea – use the bulb like you would a storage onions, and the green tops like scallions.
  • New Yellow Potatoes: More delicious  potatoes this week. The variety is Yukon Gold and the skins are incredibly tender – so much so that they are peeling off already. They’re still new potatoes, but they’re BIG! They’ll make terrific steamed potatoes or a great potato salad.
  • Radish: These make a perfect crunchy spicy snack.
  • Summer Squash: A nice mix of small tender squash in a variety of different shapes and colors including patty pan, crookneck and zucchini.

Coming soon… Stupice Tomatoes!