In Your Share (July 30th edition)

Hope you can join us THIS SATURDAY Aug 4th for the WORK PARTY at the Grand Island Farm

  • WHERE: Our Grand Island Farm, 18400 SE Lower Island Rd, Dayton Or 97114. About 1hr & 15min from Portland. Find directions here.
  • CAMPOUT: Friday Aug 3rd, 6:30pm – ?? Come down early and camp out at the farm if you want to. Bring your tent, something to put on the BBQ, and hang out at the campfire with the farm crew
  • WORK PARTY: Sat Aug 4th, 10am – 2pm Help us plant water & weed. Pet the horses. Tour our newest farm. Bring your gloves and favorite gardening tools – we’ll have jobs for people of all ages & abilities.
  • SWIM & POTLUCK BBQ: Sat Aug 4th, 3pm – ?? There is a great swimming hole at the south end of the island so we’ll head down there after working, then come back to the farm for a potluck afterwards.

You can download Recipe Packet for this week’s share HERE. It has great ideas for green beans, salad, curry & more fennel recipes too!

We still have a few SUMMER SHARES for sale!! Follow the links above to sign up.

This week your share may include…

  • Basil: Most of the bunches this week will be the traditional green Genovese basil with a few bunches of Purple Basil mixed in for fun! Chop up basil and sprinkle it over pasta, fritattas, or even salad.
  • Green Beans: These are so tender & sweet! I know we’ll have the traditional Provider variety, but there may also be some wax beans, pole beans and1or yellow beans in the share too.
  • Carrots: Nice little bunches of sweet baby carrots.
  • Cilantro: This is just the beginning of the cilantro season! We’ll hopefully have this in the share every few weeks from now through salsa season.
  • Fava Beans: This may be the last week of fava beans for the summer so enjoy them while they last! A few more fava recipes in your recipe packet (see above) if you’re looking for inspiration.
  • Fennel: Beautiful big bulbs this week. Try it Caramelized with Goat Cheese – that recipe is also in your packet.
  • Lettuce: Beautiful green heads of romaine lettuce make a nice summer caesar salad. Coastal Star is the variety, one of our long time favorites!
  • Spring Onions: These big red onions still have all their leaves on. Use the bulb as you would a regular onion and think of the green tops as giant scallions.
  • New Red Potatoes: The first potatoes of the season are here! The skins are so thin this time of year that they practically peel off no matter how carefully we wash them. That thin skin is one of the things that makes these new potatoes so special. It also means you’ll need to handle them carefully and eat them sooner rather than later. Later in the season – when the potatoes have had a chance to cure – a thicker skin forms to protect the potato. The variety is Sangre.
  • Summer Squash: All different kinds this week – different colors of patty pan, zucchini & crookneck.
Coming soon… beautiful bunches of Thai Basil!!