In Your Share (June 13th edition)

We have been busy getting our last summer plantings in the ground! Tomatoes, summer squash, peppers, eggplants and beans are all appreciating the sunshine.

I think I’m going to saute all the onions, garlic and greens up and make a galette. What could be better than all those tasty veggies wrapped up into a savory free form pie! My recipe is here. Or you can try this galette from my friend Piper Davis of Grand Central Baking.

This week your share may include…

  • Fava Leaves: These are my new favorite addition to salad! They have an interesting complex flavor – sweet, nutty, with a hint of artichoke – seriously!
  • Mixed Brassica Greens: Your choice of MizunaMustards or Spring Raab bunches.
  • Green Garlic: We planted these small garlic cloves last fall especially for spring harvest. The lighter green bottom of the stalk is the most tender part. The upper stem has good flavor but is not as tender so plant to cook it longer or use it for soup stock. The whole plant has a nice mild garlic flavor.
  • Lettuce Heads: These beautiful heads came from our new high tunnels. The high tunnel is a very basic greenhouses with metal hoops and a single layer of plastic covering. It just keeps the rain off and raises the temperature a few degrees. This one doesn’t even have sides on it right now, but the lettuce inside is weeks ahead of the lettuce outside. Varieties are both loose leaf types –  Tropicana  and New Red Fire.
  • Napa Cabbage -Wonderful baby heads are perfect cut in half & grilled or put under the broiler with a dash of olive oil.
  • Radish: These cute little red radish bunches are the first of the season. The variety is Cheriette and I’ve been impressed with their smooth bright red roots and not too spicy flavor. Tops are good to eat too.
  • Sweet Spring Onions: These sweet Walla Walla type onions  were planted last fall and grew well over the winter. The green tops and any flower stems poking out are edible too. Good on the grill or as a pizza topping.
  • Onion Scapes/Whistles: The hollow flowering stalk of the onion plant is tender & tasty. Grill or broil it whole for a crispy treat. They can also be chopped up and used raw like a green onion.
  • Turnips: These are my favorite variety of little japanese salad turnips called Hakuri. The flavor is sweet with just a hint of heat. I usually eat them raw, though you can cook them if you want to. The greens are good  – toss them in with mustard greens for a quick saute.

Coming soon… Garlic Whistles!!