In Your Share (June 15th edition)

This week your share may include…

  • Broccoli Raab: spring raab, not to be confused with winter raab. Think we need some new names for all these fabulous variations on the broccoli/mustard theme ! 
  • Cilantro: Hip-Hip-Hooray for the spring herbs! 
  • Choi: Check out my favorite recipe for soba noodles & choi. Or Matt’s hysterical choi-ce.
  • Garlic Whistles: These are the flowering stalks of the garlic plant, aka scapes. I often toss them with a bit of salt & olive oil, put them under the broiler until just a few spots begin to carmelize, then put the whole tangle on the table as fun finger food.  
  • Lettuce Heads: And we continue to be very excited about salad! 
  • Spring Onions: Use these raw like a green onion or saute them.
  • Sugar Sprint Peas: The eagerly awaited sugar snap peas have finally arrived! Eat the whole pod and peas. If you don’t eat them all on the way home, try this recipe.
  • Radish Bunches:  Easter Egg radishes are all different colors of red, purple, pink and white and make beautiful bunches! As long as the weather remains cool, they’ll be sweet and crunchy.