In Your Share (June 17th edition)

Tomato Trellis

The tomatoes are growing great! We started the trellis last week and the timing was perfect. The crew did a quick weeding then pounded tposts in the ground every 10-12′. After that, we weave twine between the tomato plants to help keep the vines and the fruit up off the ground. Our favorite early variety is Stupice and it will grow to about 4′ tall by the end of the summer. Some of the heirloom varieties are even taller than that. It works best when we get back to add additional lines of twine to the plants for every 12″ of growth. We usually start to harvest Stupice tomatoes in late July, but everything has been ripening early so maybe we’ll have them even sooner this year!


Some great recipes for fava beans and the other veggies in this week’s recipe packet which you can download HERE.

This week your share may include…

  • Broccoli: We’re been waiting for these to head up forever and they’re finally ready – hip hip hooray!
  • Cilantro: Nice big bunches.
  • Choi: We’ve had a bumper crop, but this is the last week of choi for awhileThe nice big heads of Choi have sweet crunchy wihite ribs and tender leaves. This soba noodle salad is one of my favorites – last chance to try it if you haven’t yet!
  • Fava Beans: I’m always so happy to see the favas in the share. They’re a bit of work, but so worth it. You’ve got recipes plus tips on shelling in the packet.
  • Garlic: We’re passing out some of our newly harvested Early Chinese Pink this week. The heads look like storage garlic, but they’re much more succulent. They’re not completely cured yet so you should use them sooner rather than later.
  • Lettuce Heads: Nice heads of green romaine will be perfect for the Caesar Salad in your recipe packet.
  • Spring Onions: Bunches of small red onions that are just starting to bulb. Use that bottom like you would a storage onions, and the green tops like scallions.
  • Sugar Snap Peas: What can we say about these peas except yum!
  • Hakuri Turnips:  The roots make great snacks just raw and are very sweet when roasted. And don’t forget to cook up the greens too!

Coming soon… baby beets!