In Your Share (June 18th edition)

Last week we did LOTS of weeding! We use our little electric Alis Chalmers G (ACG) tractor with the Lely tine weeder to help us out with the smallest weeds when they have just germinated and are still in the thread stage. If anything slips past the Lely the next step is the more aggressive S-tine cultivators. We keep the paths clean with our BCS walk behind tiller. Then last, but not least, we head out to the field with sharp stirrup hoes to take out any remaining weeds. Kudos to the crew for all that weeding last week – the farm is looking great!

You can download Recipe Packet for this week’s share HERE. These are written by my friend Katherine Deumling at Cook With What You Have.

We still have a few SUMMER SHARES for sale!! Follow the links above to sign up.

This week your share may include…

  • Baby Bok Choi: These are little bigger than last time, but still tender and tasty! I really like to make soba noodle salad with them. You can also try it in the Lentil Soup from this week’s recipe packet.
  • Carrots: The first of the sweet summer carrots!
  • Garlic Scapes (aka Whistles): These are the immature flower stalks from the garlic. You can chop them up and use them to replace garlic in any dish. If you like the shape and want to make some fun finger food – try rubbing them with a bit of olive oil, sprinkle with salt, then put them whole under the broiler. They’re done when they start to wilt down and when sections of the scapes get brown & start to caramelize.
  • Green Garlic:  Last weekend I put the bulbs plus an inch or so of the light green stem in the food processor with some salt and olive oil. This made a fabulous garlicky paste that I kept in the fridge and over the course of the week I used it to add just the right zing to everything from salad dressings to sauteed veggies – yum!
  • Lettuce Mix: This includes lots of different varieties of lettuce leaves and makes a beautiful colorful easy salad.
  • Spring Onions: These little yellow onions still have all their leaves on. Use the bulb as you would a regular onion and think of the green tops as giant scallions. The tops would be great raw on the CSA Salad or lightly sauteed and added to the top of the lentil soup – both in your recipe packet this week.
  • Radish: The bright red round ones are Cheriette and the longer red & white ones are French Breakfast. Katherine included radish’s in severa of the recipes this week and I’ll include the link to one of my favorites again – it’s from Lynne Rossetto Kasper at the Splendid Table website – Radish Butter
  • Turnips: Lots of recipes for these in your packet! Don’t forget to cook the greens too.
Coming soon… sugar snap peas are covered in flowers which means we should have pods before too long!!