In Your Share (June 1st edition)

This week your share may include…

  • Green Garlic: Cute little bunches – just chop up the whole thing and use it fresh to add zing to salad or salsa. Or saute like regular garlic 
  • Lettuce Heads: They’re little, but we’re excited about salad! 
  • Mizuna: The bunches are smaller this week because we finished the rows in the greenhouse and began to harvest outside. Makes a nice mild addition to salad and also a good cooking green. 
  • Mustard Greens: Spicy in salads, mild when cooked. 
  • Spring Onions: Use these raw like a green onion, or cooked.
  • Pea Shoots: These unfurling tendrils of the pea plant have the fresh sweet flavor similar to the pods and make a great addition to salads.  
  • Scapes: Sometimes called whistles, these tasty & tender flower stalks are from members of the allium family and have a milk onion flavor. This week’s hollow stemmed stalks are harvested from shallots & onions. Use them raw as you would a green onion or add a bit of salt and olive oil and roast them quickly under the broiler or on the BBQ. 
  • Hakuri Turnip: Tender, sweet and not at all spicy they make a great raw snack. In addition, you can cook up the turnip greens just like mizuna and mustard greens.