In Your Share (June 7th edition)

This week your share may include…

  • Spring Garlic: These are the young bulbs of the garlic plant – getting bigger every week! They have a mild garlic flavor and can be used like green onions – chopped & sprinkled raw over salad or sauteed.
  • Garlic Scapes: These are the tasty flowering stems from garlic and like the leek scapes, they are solid all the way through. I toss them with a bit of olive oil & salt then roast them whole – like you would asparagus – until slightly carmelized. They can also be diced & sauteed to add a mild onion or garlic flavor to any dish. Learn more about scapes here.
  • Bunched Greens: Choose from mizuna & arugula. The mizuna has frilly leaves and very mild flavor. Arugula has lobed leaves and a stronger flavor, but is not at all spicy. Both of them can be added to salad or sauteed. I’ve posted the recipe for one of my all time favorites  – Arugula & Poached Eggs below.
  • Lettuce Mix: Salad days are here!
  • Choy: The green leaf is flavorful, the white stem is mild & crunchy. Great in stir fry but it also works anywhere cooked greens are called for – lasagne, spanikopita, au gratin, over pasta, or in a fritata. Don’t be intimidated by Choy – Ruth Reichl, in her cookbook Gourmet Today, calls it “one of the first Chinese vegetables to successfully  cross over to mainstream America. Though it might seem odd to see a traditional Asian green served in a European-style, it works brilliantly.”
  • Spring Onions: These baby onions have a tiny tender bulb and the greens are good too.
  • Onion Scapes: These are the tasty flower stalks from onions and are similar to garlic scapes, but have a thick walled stem that are hollow inside.
  • Baby Turnips: These tiny tender hakuri salad turnips are sweet but not too hot. Both the bulbs and greens can be eaten raw or sauteed.