In Your Share (March 16th edition)

IMG_1585 It’s Summer Share sign up time! We’ve been having beautiful spring and getting lots of planting done which will mean bountiful baskets of veggies for the summer season. Hope you can join us!!

Lots of tips for all the veggies in the share at our exclusive CSA recipe site Cook With What You Have. Check your email for the password to access the site and enjoy your 24/7 access to recipe inspiration!

This week your share may include…

  • Purple Sprouting Broccoli: Use the heads, stem and leaves together or separately – they’re all good steamed or sautéed.
  • Cabbage: These savoy varieties have a beautiful purple blush.
  • Carrots: What could be better : )
  • Collards or Collard Raab: Greens, glorious greens!
  • Leeks: The white stalks are tender, yet also hold up to long cooking or braising.  The darker green ends make great soup stock.
  • Parsley: The plants survived the winter and have started to regrow so we have a little sampler for you.
  • Parsnips: Find 14 fabulous recipes at Cook With What You Have!
  • Peppers: These dried cayenne peppers will add a little spice to your life!
  • Popcorn: We got this Amish Butter corn seed from our friends at Ayers Creek Farm. It makes fabulous popcorn or if you have a grinder you can make amazing cornmeal or polenta. It can be popped whole on the cob in the microwave – just put the whole thing in a brown paper bag and cook it on high for just under 3 min. DON’T COOK IT TOO LONG OR THE COB WILL CATCH ON FIRE!! The other option is to pluck the kernels off the cob then make in using your favorite popcorn method.
  • Shallots: I use these to add a little kick to salad dressings or caramelized they go with almost everything! From Pok Pok – try these Crispy Fried Shallots.

Coming soon…  overwintering cauliflower should be heading up in April!!