In Your Share (March 16th edition)

This week your share may include…

  • Beans: It’s exciting to have a few more dry beans to give out! We’ve been experimenting with different varieties to see what works well here on our farm. We heard rave reviews last year about Etna so we grew it again. They are beautiful with red speckles on a buff background. I made Ribollita (Tuscan bean and bread soup) for lunch with these and it was wonderful!
  • Collards: These went into the Ribollita too.
  • Carrots: The last of the sweet Italian variety called Napoli. This has been a bumper year for our winter carrot crop and we’re sad to see them go.
  • Leeks: Bleu Solaise leeks are sturdy and beautiful —  their leaves turn to dark purplish blue in the winter. They’re remarkably hardy and seemed oblivious through our miserable winter weather.  Use them as you would onions. 
  • Parsnips: Some of these giant roots look a little rough around the edges, but just peel them and they’ll be great roasted or in soup. They add great depth of flavor to any dish!
  • Hot Peppers: We had a bumper crop of these Cayanne peppers this summer and dried the extras so you could continue to enjoy them through the winter.
  • Potatoes: These giant Yukon Gold potatoes came from our friends at Mustard Seed Farms.
  • Rosemary: What could be better with roasted potatoes?