In Your Share (March 1st edition)

This week your share may include…

  • Collards: The spring weather has inspired nice new leaves on the collards.
  • Kale, Redbor: This beautiful frilly dark purple kale suffered a bit with the cold weather at christmas, but has rebounded nicely.
  • Leeks: This variety, King Richard, is unusually long and white which means more tender flesh. The green tops are tougher, but still have good flavor – I often use them in soup stock. 
  • Onions, Copra: A long-standing favorite – stores well & good eatin’.
  • Parsnip: What a trooper! These are definitely some of the hardiest roots we grow. They perform consistently under the most adverse winter conditions and keep going well into spring. Made a big pot of chile that included parsnips & collards in addition to the usual veggies. It got rave reviews from the farm crew! 
  • Potatoes, Red: From our friends at Mustard Seed Farm
  • Purple Sprouting Broccoli: Everything is edible – tender stem, leaves and that cute little florette. 
  • Raab: The tender new shoots from collards & kale are unbelievably sweet this time of year. 
  • Rosemary: What could be better with roasted with potatoes?
  • Winter Squash, Butternut & other assorted varieties: Most winter squash can be cut in half & roasted in the oven. Peel out the flesh and use for soup or surprise everyone with a squash pie