In Your Share (March 28th edition)

Please everyone cross your fingers for a few dry days soon so we can get some plants in the ground. We’ve planted one of the high tunnels with spinach & carrots and we’ll be seeding the other one with more greens soon. There are lots of variations on broccoli in your share this week (aka raab & rapini) so I wanted to share this treasure trove of recipes from the NT Times.

This week your share may include…

  • Cauliflower: More BEAUTIFUL heads for you – both white and purple. This is my favorite time of year for cauliflower. These varieties wrap their leaves tightly around the head to protect it then they burst forth in all their perfection. Try Kelly’s Cauliflower Carpaccio here.
  • Collard Greens: It has been a bountiful year for collards so I wanted to pass on a few recipe suggestions in case you’re experiencing some winter greens fatigue. I love this Potato & Lentil Soup with collards and you should definitely try Winter Greens Pesto with collards – both from my friend Katherine Deumling at Cook With What You Have.
  • Collard Raab: The raab has begun! The stalk, leaves and small florette of the collard plant is all so tender and sweet this time of year. Use these as you would broccoli or greens.
  • Kale Raab: The wrinkly Winterbor kale has sprouted little broccoli heads.
  • Leeks: This variety is King Richard, but it is much shorter than usual I think from being planted late in the season. Still, the nice white shafts are very tender and the darker green tops make amazing soup stock. This would be a good week for leek & potato soup. I was inspired to try several different variations this week when I discovered Mark Bittman’s Soup Matrix article.
  • Onions: Yellow onions from our friends at Mustard Seed Farm this week.
  • Potatoes: Assorted red potatoes this week
  • Purple Sprouting Broccoli: We are know picking both Rudolph and the original PSB variety. Everything – leaves, stem & florette – is not just edible it’s YUM!

Coming soon… the sun we hope?!