In Your Share (March 2nd edition)

This week your share may include…

  • Beans: We started with less than a pound of these beans and finally we have a few to give out! This started as a regular navy bean, but as we’ve grown it out over the last few years we’ve selected for bigger and bigger beans: hence the new (not very original) name – Laura’s Big White. 
  • Carrots: A sweet Italian variety called Napoli. This has been a bumper year for our winter carrot crop.
  • Collard Greens: They’re back! Finally more greens. Not all the brassicas survived the winter, but happily these did. Hopefully raab will be coming soon…
  • Leeks: This is a new variety called Bleu Solaise which last longer through the winter.  
  • Parsnips: Some of these giant roots look a little rough around the edges, but just peel them and they’ll be great roasted or in soup. They add great depth of flavor to any dish!
  • Potatoes: These giant Russet potatoes came from our friends at Mustard Seed Farms.
  • Rosemary: Great with roasted roots!
  • Winter Squash: These are GIANT! Didn’t want anyone to go hungry. I’ve cooked several whole in the oven – just poke them like you would a baked potato so it doesn’t explode, and put a cookie sheet or foil below it in case it drips. Several hours later you’ll have enough delicious squash to feed you and all your friends. The warty ones are an Italian heirloom called Chioggia. The bluish pink ones are Oregon varieties called Blue Hubbard and Sweet Meat.