In Your Share (May 18th edition)

First Summer ’09 CSA Share
This week your share may include…

  • Arugula: Occasionally, out sheer of desperation, in a moment of weakness, I buy arugula at the store. And I am consistently underwhelmed.  This is the real stuff and it rocks!
  • Green Garlic: Cute little bunches – just chop up the whole thing and use it fresh to add zing to salad or salsa. Or saute like regular garlic
  • Kale: Unlike some other brassicas – ie the wimpy cousin cauliflower – these kale hung in there through the Blizzard of ’08 and have lasted just long enough to kick off the Summer ’09 season too. 
  • Mizuna: As you may have guessed from their rather large succulent leaves these have been enjoying a balmy existence inside the hoophouses. 
  • Mustard Greens: Spicy in salads, mild when cooked. 
  • Pea Shoots: Just a sampler, but the little vines have the same fresh sweet pea flavor – fun in salads or tasty sauteed. 
  • Radish: Try one of these French Breakfast Radish’s sliced on a baguette with lots of good butter. 
  • Cherry Tomato Plant: We’ll grow lots of tomatoes, but we wanted you all to be able to walk out your own back door and snack on your own sun ripened little gems so these are for you to grow at home.