In Your Share (May 25th edition)


Sugar snap peas are here and they are plump & sweet & tasty!! We planted in February, trellised in March, picked a few pea shoots in April and finally the peas are here. In between there was lots of weeding & watering. This variety, Super Sugar Snap, has long vines and the delicate tendrils climbed up the trellis until now they are almost 5′ tall. When ripe, the snap peas bulge in their pods with full size peas and sweet crunchy pods. All you need to do is snap the ends off and everything else is edible. The vines are still blooming which means we should have several weeks more of these sweet yummy peas.

We still have a few shares left in our Summer CSA so if you have friends or neighbors interested send them our way!!

Lots of tips for all the veggies you’ll get in your basket this summer at our exclusive CSA recipe site Cook With What You Have. Check your email for the password to the site and enjoy your 24/7 access to recipe inspiration!

This week your share may include…

  • Arugula: This is one of my favorite spring salad greens. Also good lightly sautéed
  • Broccoli: Some small heads and side shoots too. The stem, leaves and buds are all tender & tasty!
  • Green Garlic: Our sunny spring means that these, as well as many other veggies, are ahead of schedule. The short stocky stalks are starting to bulb already – love that fresh garlic taste! Chop up the white end and use it fresh or sautéed. The tops make great soup stock.
  • Garlic Scapes: These are the solid, curly and quite tasty tops of the garlic plants. Chop them up and sauté with anything that calls for garlic. Or rub with olive oil, sprinkle with salt & roast them under the broiler. This makes for awkward but fun finger food!
  • Sugar Snap Peas: Not much more to say except yum!
  • Kale: Beautiful baby bunches of Red Ursa.
  • Dragon Tongue Mustard Greens: This comes to us via our friend and seed breeder extraordinaire Frank Morton at Wild Garden Seeds. We’re excited to hear what you think of this strikingly beautiful not-too-hot purple mustard green
  • Onions: Some folks are inclined to take this modest culinary workhorse for granted. Not me! Very few other vegetables are such a staple in the kitchen and have such staying power. The Copra onions in your share today were seeded 16 months ago, we harvested some as spring onions, others grew large & beautiful last summer and have been in storage without complaint for months.  Many conventional crops are sprayed multiple times in the field, and again to keep them from sprouting in storage. These have been treated organically every step of the way. When you slice and sauté them, just take a moment to appreciate this unassuming & awesome onion.
  • Peppers: These are HOT! They are dried cayenne peppers – put a whole pepper in a pot of stew or chop them up and make homemade red pepper flakes.
  • Radish: We should a few different varieties – Easter Egg is round, pink & purple, French Breakfast is long with red on the bottom & white on top. Both are refreshing & not too hot.

Coming soon… sugar snap peas!