In Your Share (May 27th edition)

PeasThe sugar snap peas are here! We’ve been watching them bloom for several weeks waiting (im)patiently for the pods to form. There were enough last week for everyone to have a taste at pickup, and now they’re in full production.

We plant peas as early as the ground can be worked in the spring. This year, that was mid-February and we seeded several varieties which mature at different times to make the pea harvest last as long as possible. We’re picking Sugar Ann this week, there should be some Super Sugar Snap ready next week and Sapphire has just started flowering. We trellis peas by attaching a plastic mesh to t-posts down the row. Super Sugar Snap is a really tall variety that needs support for sure. Sapphire and Sugar Ann are smaller in stature, but putting them on the trellis helps keep the peas off the ground so they’re cleaner and don’t get nibbled on. Like green beans, some varieties of peas have a string and others are stringless. Sapphire is the only stringless variety we grow. I don’t mind snapping off the string and as Jules from Osborn Seed wrote a few  years ago in this article, there are other advantages that seem genetically linked to the string like seed vigor and the ability to germinate better in cold soil. We really appreciate the work our local seed companies are doing to make great varieties of tasty peas available for us to grow!

The sugar snap peas don’t really need a recipe, but if you’re looking for inspiration with the other veggies you’ll find it in this week’s recipe packet which you can download HERE.

And by the way, we still have a few summer shares left for sale!! Follow the links above to sign up. We’ve also posted some fun photos of the farm crew and the veggies on our Facebook page.

This week your share may include…

    • Arugula: I have really been enjoying simple arugula salads usually with balsamic or lemon vinagrette. In your packet is a great recipe for arugula frittata that also includes the green garlic.
    • Carrots: Sweet baby carrots!
    • Garlic Scapes or Whistles: The variety we’re picking from this week is Music. Put them on the grill whole or cut them up and saute them with the bulbs from the green garlic. The flavor is sharp when raw, but mellows when you cook them. It makes a great pesto too.
    • Green Garlic: In the fall when we plant our regular garlic field, we always save a few cloves just for green garlic. These are planted on a much closer spacing – just a few inches apart – and harvested early in the spring. The bulb end is most tender and can be used raw or sauteed. The tops are flavorful too they just take a few minutes longer to cook.
    • Lettuce Heads: Cute little baby lettuce heads will make a fabulous salad. The variety is Tropicana.
    • Sugar Snap Peas: What can we say about these peas except yum!
    • Spinach: This is our best spinach crop in years so enjoy the beautiful bunches.
    • Hakuri Turnips: I’ve just been snacking on these raw – they’re sweet and crunchy and mild. They’re also quick & tasty when roasted under the broiler – cut into bite sized chunks, coat with a little olive oil & salt, and take them out as soon as they start to turn golden on the edges. The greens are pretty great too.
    • Spring Onions: These onions tend to be juicy and mild. The green tops are completely edible too – use them as you would a scallion – either raw or lightly cooked.

Coming soon… and more sugar snap peas!