In Your Share (May 30th edition)

Everyone is invited to join us for the Work Party this weekend!! We’ll be at Luscher Farm on Sat June 4th working from 1-5pm followed by a potluck BBQ. You can drop by anytime and there will be projects for people of all ages and abilities. Come out for a fun day on the farm!!

  • Arugula: This is the best time of year for perfect tender tasty arugula salad – yum.
  • Carrots: These are tiny this week but growing fast. The variety is Nelson, which is sweet and versatile growing well in spring, summer, & fall.
  • Chard: I have very fond memories of picking swiss chard from my parents garden and making Swiss Card Bisque with my mother and grandmother. Here is the old fashioned original recipe. This chard was planted last season, survived the winter and grew back nicely this spring. On Sunday, I was on the tractor until dark and hadn’t given a thought to dinner. I sauteed onions, green garlic and heaps of chard then put it over pasta with a bit pa parmesan. It was fast, easy & yum : )
  • Green Garlic: We planted these small garlic cloves last fall especially for spring harvest. The lighter green bottom of the stalk is the most tender part. The upper stem hs good flavor but is not as tender so plant to cook it longer or use it for soup stock. The whole plant has a nice mild garlic flavor. Good on the grill or as a pizza topping. I think these (and the leeks for that matter) could easily be adapted to the Barcelona tradition of calçotada.
  • Lettuce Heads: These beautiful heads came from our new high tunnels. The high tunnel is a very basic greenhouses with metal hoops and a single layer of plastic covering. It just keeps the rain off and raises the temperature a few degrees. This one doesn’t even have sides on it right now, but the lettuce inside is weeks ahead of the lettuce outside. Varieties are both romaine types –  Coastal Star (green) and Outredgeous (red from Frank Morton)
  • Pea Shoots: We’re still waiting for the pea pods to mature, but in the meantime we can enjoy the tasty shoots. These are the greens from the pea plant they have a sweet pea flavor similar to the pods. They are good in salad or can be sauteed too.
  • Radish: These cute little red radish bunches are the first of the season. The variety is Cheriette and I’ve been impressed with their smooth bright red roots and not too spicy flavor. Tops are good to eat too.
  • Sweet Spring Onions: These sweet Walla Walla type onions  were planted last fall and grew well over the winter. The green tops and any flower stems poking out are edible too.

Coming soon… hakuri salad turnips!!