In Your Share (Nov 12th edition)

You can download the Recipe Packet for this week’s share HERE. Lots of great ideas for Thanksgiving!!

This week your share may include…

Brussel Sprouts: These will not win any prizes for pretty, but they are super tasty! You can see a short ode to sprouts that I wrote a few years ago here including recipes and there are some great recipes in your packet too.

Carrots: What could be better than sweet winter carrots!

Celeriac: An ugly gnarly root with a lovely delicate celery flavor. This is an entertaining article about celeriac (though he doesn’t have very nice things to say about celery) and it includes a great recipe for Celeriac Remoulade (aka Céleri Rémoulade)

Celery: This is not a bland virtually stringless supermarket celery! Our celery struggled this year and as a result is has a more robust flavor profile which is probably best enjoyed cooked. It would be perfect for traditional stuffing, tasty in soup and make a great celery au gratin.

Chard: This beautiful rainbow chard made a nice rebound with the fall rains and is looking better than ever. Whenever we have chard, I can’t help but recommend my Grandmother’s Chard Bisque. There is also a Braised Chard & Onion recipe in your packet.

Garlic: Two new varieties this week. Asian Tempest, an asiatic garlic from South Korea, is fiery hot when raw, but mellows with cooking. Chesnok, a Middle Eastern hardneck from Shvelisi Georgia, is nice for baking because it has a very creamy texture.

Kohlrabi: At the cooking class last Saturday Katherine made Fabulous Kohlrabi Fritters! That recipe, plus a few others are in your packet.

Lettuce: This is probably the last of the lettuce for awhile. Lettuce doesn’t do well in the wet winter cold, but we’ll plant in the hoop houses after the first of the year and have more in the share in the spring.

Onions: We had a bumper crop of  Copra, my favorite yellow storage onion, this year.

Peppers: The last little bit of summer in the share – we have both Gypsy and Jimmy Nardello peppers this week. Savor them because it’ll be a long wait until we have them again at the end of next summer!

Potatoes: These yellow varieties are good roasted and also make great mashed potatoes.

Rutabaga: A few years ago my friend Scott at Nash’s Organic Produce gave me a taste of the rutabaga Gilfeather, and after that I was hooked. No other variety even comes close!  This variety is so good it has been included in the Slow Food US Ark of Taste, a catalog of over 200 delicious foods in danger of extinction. Help us protect and promote these foods by eating them. Katherine has included a few notes & tips in your packet this week.

Winter Squash: The delicata squash really needs no introduction – they’re so tasty & sweet!  It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a Pie Pumpkin so we have Winter Luxury for the traditionalists. Also in the mix are some Kakai pumpkins which is an eye catching green & orange striped pumpkin. These are grown specifically for their incredibly tasty hull-less seeds, but they make a great decoration as well.

Coming soon… big beautiful winter beets!!