In Your Share (Nov 28th edition)

Version 2This week in your share you’ll find one of my favorite little squash! Gill’s Golden Pippin is a super tasty single serving size acorn type squash with a great local story. It was developed in the mid-twentieth century by the Gill Brothers Seed Co in Portland and featured prominently in their catalogs in the 1960’s. Not sure why it fell out of favor, but happily interest in this amazing little variety has revived – thanks in part to our friends at Adaptive Seeds who, in addition to producing seed have been singing it’s praises in their catalog. So glad they convinced us to start growing it again!

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This week your share may include…

  • Brussel Sprout Tops: Use these like you would a tender baby collard bunch.
  • Red Cabbage: Makes a festive holiday slaw.
  • Celery: This may be slightly stronger flavored than the celery that you are used to so taste a bit before you put it out with the peanut butter : ) Leaves and stems are perfect for cooking – makes a great addition to stuffing, soups & au gratin potatoes.
  • Celery Root (Celeriac): Peel the outer layer off and use the tender center for celery root remoulade or roast them with other root veggies or sauté and add to soup.
  • Collard Greens: These are traditionally cooked for a LONG time with a ham hock and they are quite tasty that way! This time of year they are also tender enough for salad if you cut them into a fine chiffonade.
  • Fennel: Last bulbs of the season.
  • Garlic: Nice little heads this week from a variety we call Persephone because we got the original seed years ago from Persephone Farm in Lebanon, OR. Jeff & Elanor run the farm and have been good friends and generous farming mentors to us over the years. When we bought the seed from them, they weren’t sure what type of garlic this was so we decided to just name the mystery variety after them : )
  • Kohlrabi: Make sure and peel the outer layer of skin off then enjoy the sweet crunchy center. I  usually eat these raw with dip or grated into salad but they also work well roasted with potatoes & garlic.
  • Leeks: Love the winter leeks! Use the tender white part like an onion and the greens make amazing soup stock.
  • Red Potatoes: I’m roasting red potatoes with… garlic, fennel, celeriac and maybe even some kohlrabi.
  • Gill’s Golden Pippin Squash: Adorable single serving size acorn type with a sweet nutty flavor.

Coming soon… Sweet Winter Carrots!