In Your Share (Oct 10th edition)

Time to sign up for the winter share if you haven’t done so already! And put our next Volunteer Day on your calendar – Oct 21st at Luscher Farm.

I’m keeping a close eye on the temperature this time of year as our first frost is probably right around the corner. This summer was quite cool, so like the vineyards, we’re waiting until the last possible moment for fruit (in our case winter squash & peppers not grapes) to be as ripe as possible at harvest.

This week your share may include…

  • Dill: Big beautiful bunches. I’m making tzatziki – greek style yogurt & dill sauce – which makes a great dip for crudites like peppers & kohlrabi. Dill is also one of my favorite flavors with fish and Mark Bittman’s recipe is a good one.
  • Daikon Radish: These look really good! I like to grate them raw into salads, but they make a mean pickle too. This recipe is easy & awesome with Bánh Mì, the spicy Vietnamese baguette pork sandwich.
  • Kohlrabi: The beautiful purple skinned variety, kolibri, has done really well for us this year. It forms nice bulbs – actually botanically speaking they are swollen stems – which are sweet & crunchy. Peel and eat raw dipped in tzatziki (above) or grate it with shredded napa cabbage for a nice slaw.
  • Napa (Chinese) Cabbage: Makes a nice slaw with shredded daikon and/or kohlrabi. I often make an asian style dressing for this salad, but don’t feel limited to that. Just to mix things up I made this salad with a lemony garlic vinagrette for the farm crew and it was a big hit!
  • Peppers, Gypsy: These are nice thick walled sweet yellow peppers.
  • Peppers, Jalapeno: Time for salsa!
  • Tomatillos: These are the classic ingredient for salsa verde and this recipe from Rick Bayless is one of my favorites. This time of year I often roast tomatillos, blend them with hot peppers and freeze them. That way I can pull them out, add fresh cilantro & diced onion, and have summer salsa all winter.
  • Tomatoes, Green: The time has come to embrace green tomatoes! Don’t be afraid or intimidated – there are lots of tasty things to do with these.  This article has recipes for fritatta, gratin, salsa and of course the classic fried green tomatoes – maybe not the best for you but they’re soooo good!

Coming soon… Beautiful Winter Greens!!