In Your Share (Oct 15th edition)

You can download the Recipe Packet for this week’s share HERE. The theme is Italian-inspired comfort food which is what I’m craving as we shift into the cool wet weather of fall.

This week your share may include…

Carrots: Nice big fat sweet carrots!
Cauliflower and/or Romanesco: The cauliflower is so good this time of year! I think there may also be a bit of cauliflowers wierd fractal cousin (aka romanesco) in the mix as well.
Fennel: These will be great in the French Onion Soup recipe from your recipe packet!
Garlic: We brought up this season’s garlic harvest last month and finished drying it in the barn. The yields look good so far, thought we have quite a bit of processing & sizing still left to do. The seed for the variety in your share this week originally came from our friends at Persephone Farm. The true variety name is long since lost, so we just call it Persephone in honor of them.
Beautiful red kale this week.
Onions: You saw many Red Tropea onions in your share earlier in the season as a spring onion. Now they’re back as a dried onion and they have that same great sweet flavor. They’ll be perfect for the onion jam recipe in your packet. And even though they’re Italian onions, I think they’ll make great French Onion Soup.
The long skinny peppers this week are one of my favorite varieties – Jimmy Nardello’s. They are a sweet Italian frying pepper and while they’re good raw, they really shine when sauteed. This variety has also been recognized as part of the Slow Food Ark of Taste. There will also be some Gypsy sweet peppers this week too – finally!
The aptly named German Butterball potato will be in your share this week.
One more chance to make Salsa Verde – yum!
With the cooler weather and rain this week there may or may not be any red tomatoes. If there are any this will definitely be the last week.

Coming soon… Green Tomatoes & Winter Squash!