In Your Share (Oct 1st edition)

You can download Recipe Packet for this week’s share HERE. In it you’ll find several new ideas for anaheim peppers, tons of tomatoes and recipes using all your veggies from the share.

This week your share may include…

Brussel Sprout Tops: Use these like you would collard greens. Early in the fall when the brussel sprout varieties begin to mature we quickly & painlessly decapitate them. This breaks the apical dominance and encourages the sprouts to mature more uniformly. It also provides us with a lovely little cluster of greens.
Cauliflower: Beautiful heads of fall cauliflower! Roasted cauliflower is one of my favorite dishes. Cut the head into bite sized florettes, toss with olive oil & salt, then put it under the broiler until it is just starting to carmelize. This recipe from Gino’s works great with roasted or sauteed cauliflower.
Cilantro: Happy little bunches are perfect for salsa and also a nice addition to Thai food.
Fennel: Nice big bulbs!
Garlic: We brought up this season’s garlic harvest last month and finished drying it in the barn. The yields look good so far, thought we have quite a bit of processing & sizing still left to do. The seed for the variety in your share this week originally came from our friends at Persephone Farm. The true variety name is long since lost, so we just call it Persephone in honor of them.
Onions: We have beautiful red onions for you this week. This variety, aptly named Cabernet for their beautiful deep red color, were supposed to be storage onions for the winter, but at some point prior to harvest they got damaged. Since they won’t last in storage, we are giving them out now. Just cut off any damaged parts, and use them straight away!
Peppers: There is quite a bit of variety among the different anaheim peppers and this year, this variety – Sahuaro – has some kick to it! The heat in peppers is all in the membrane that attaches the seeds to the flesh of the pepper. If you remove that membrane and the seeds, your pepper will not be as spicy.  These make a great roasted pepper. This can be done of the grill, gas flame or under the broiler. Cook until the skin is blackened, let them cool, then remove the skin. Once roasted, they make a nice addition to salsas or sauces. You can also freeze roasted peppers.
Potatoes: We have another tasty yellow potato this week – Binjte. Looks like a Yukon Gold, only better! This potato has some big fans – couldn’t help but share this link and recipe.
Tomatoes: The bountiful tomato harvest continues… there are loads of Heirloom Roma’s & Slicing tomatoes this week.

Coming soon… Sweet Gypsy Peppers!