In Your Share (Oct 22nd edition)

This is the last and final Summer Share of the season. Thanks so much for joining us!! It turned out to be quite a bountiful share, despite the inauspicious start with record rains in March. Happily April, May & June were mild enough for us to get some great crops in the ground. Then in July, Aug &  Sept the region set another weather record for the driest 3 months ever. Happily our irrigation system kept the plants growing while the hot weather ripened our best tomato crop in several years!!  We’re saying goodbye to summer and transitioning to winter this week with green tomatoes, the last of the sweet peppers, and the first winter squash. Hope you can join us next week for the Winter Share!!

You can download your Recipe Packet HERE.

This week your share may include…

Broccoli: Our succession planting all came on together this week so bountiful broccoli in the share! 
Carrots: Nice big fat sweet carrots!
Cauliflower and/or Romanesco: The cauliflower is so good this time of year! Here is a classic Cauliflower Pasta recipe from our friends at Gino’s Restaurant. I think there may also be a bit of cauliflowers wierd fractal cousin (aka Romanesco) in the mix as well.
Brussel Sprout Tops:
We’re taking the tops off more brussel sprouts which helps them make more uniform sprouts along the stem. The sprouts will be ready soon, but in the meantime use these beautiful greens just as you would collards or kale.
Onions: They’re not pretty, but just trim the damage off these Cabernet red onions and enjoy.
Peppers: Finally the long awaited sweet peppers are in the share!! There will be a mix of bell peppers, Gypsy peppers and some new varieties from Wild Garden Seeds that we’re trialing including Gatherer’s Gold & Stocky Red Roaster. We should also have some more anaheim peppers this week too.
Potatoes: Austrian Crescent fingerling potatoes.
Green Tomatoes: Try these in Enchilada Sauce or check out this article with recipes for fritatta, gratin, salsa and of course the classic fried green tomatoes – maybe not the best for you but they’re soooo good! I also love to make the classic chutney with these.
Winter Squash: Little single serving size Honey Bear acorn squash. There are some great tips for this in your recipe packet this week.

Coming soon… The Winter Share!!